KishKish Lie Detector

KishKish Lie Detector

Discover if your Skype callers are telling the truth


KishKish Lie detector offers you a tool to detect the stress level of the person you communicate with over Skype. With the use of KishKish Lie detector you can monitor in real-time the stress level of the person you talked with.

This allows you to gage the level of stress and modify your questions in real time. You could also use our KishKish SAM VSA that allows you to record the call and analyze the stress level offline.

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KishKish Lie Detector


KishKish Lie Detector

User reviews about KishKish Lie Detector

  • by Anonymous

    Can't even start it.
    It uses a .sparc extension file and it redirected without a hint of which download I needed...   More